Royal Crown Roulette Online for Money

Royal Crown European Roulette is widespread type of real money roulette table game featuring 37 red and black numbered pockets where the chip bet can be placed on number or series of numbers, definite color or even and odd spaces.

The game is started from credit amount setting then chip value is selected between 0.5 - 200 credits (these figures are used in Quasar Casino although at another gambling clubs they can be different). Before certain playing pocket is covered with chosen chip it's possible to check what odds this stake can bring. To do this direct the mouse's cursor on selected number (range of numbers, colors) and watch information displayed. After the bet is completed press Spin button and wait until the wheel stops. Croupier declares the winning number and its color and winning amount is displayed on the screen. If no win occurs during the round No win inscription appears on the screen. Figures concerning last win, credit and bet amount are shown in right bottom corner of the screen.

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Bets and Payouts Information

Info section encloses bet odds table where all stakes payouts are described and showed on schematic representation of playing table. Generally speaking roulette bets are divided into inside and outside ones. Inside bets include variable combinations of numbers, lines, groups of numbers. For example when you decide to bet any single number you perform straight up bet. Its payout is quite high - 35:1. Line bet includes 6 numbers and grants payout of 5:1.Its worth mentioning that described rules are valid both in real and Novomatic games rounds.

Although zero number is within playing field it doesn't belong to inside bets group. It comprises outside bets which are to cover minimum betting amounts. In Royal Crown European Roulette there are lots of variants of outside bets. Thus dozen bet which is also presented in Paytable maintains 3 spaces from 1- 12, 13-24, 25-36 combinations, its payout is 2:1. Long lasting history of Roulette table game along with its interesting rules and payout system attract gamblers from different countries. Each player is able to elect his own preferable Roulette's type and or play all its variants for more pleasure and experience.