European Roulette For Real Money

European variant of Roulette table games is considered to be the most prominent and remunerative featuring zero symbol additionally to 36 regular numbers. The game's goal is to anticipate what slot's number will be covered by playing ball after the wheel's stop. Before the spin button is pressed it's reasonable to set the bet. Every playing field's number has its bet range or chips value acceptable for betting. To check this range direct mouse cursor to required number without clicking it.

European Roulette Rules - How to Play at Quasar

Usually, amount of accessible chips varies from €1 to €500 - and Quasar online Casino is not an exeption. To make the bet select chip's value and put it onto preferable number or betting position on the field. Before the wheel begins spinning the player can check his total bet and win amount in case of successful game's outcome.

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Complementary Helpful Icons

For extra players convinience range of Novomatic online games functions are developed to make the game easier and more interesting. Thus player can check roulette racetrack by pressing round button leftwards from Paytable i - symbol. Statistic button allows to review frequency of winning numbers landed for last 500 courses. Favorite bets menu marked by star symbol operates with saved bet positions. ×2 symbol located rightwards from doubles all bets value in one click. To place last selected bet press undo button while cross button deletes all bets from the table. To learn more about European Roulette rules and game's options check Help section.