Real Money Blackjack - Casino Quasar

Among wide variety of table games offered by Quasar Gaming Blackjack is one of the most frequently played ones. Its uncomplicated rules and engaging playing pace motivate more new gamblers to play Blackjack for real money online.In turn, experienced ones can master their skills with each following round. The goal which is to be achieved by the player is to gain up to 21 winning points but not more. After getting desirable card's set it is compared with dealer's one.

Rules and Playing Round

Due to 21 card game rules player wins if his card's combination is of the higher denomination than dealer's one but it isn't to exceed 21. Traditionally the game starts from setting credit amount. Then it comes with chip value selection (denominated 0.5 - 500). The player has an opportunity to bet with up to 3 card sets and every set can receive it's unique bet different from another.

Nearly all Blackjack sites for real money (including ones using Novomatic software) works by same pattern: when Deal button is pressed player gets 2 cards for each playing hand as well as dealer does though one of his cards will be visible. If it is ace or ten blackjack is not paid until player's combination is checked as well. But if dealer's revealed card is valued by 2 - 9 and player gains blackjack combination it is immediately paid and rest of the cards are removed. Taking into account denomination of his own and dealer's cards the player decides whether to hit more or to save current cards combination. It's allowed to take as many as you want in condition that their denomination is not more than 21.

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Blackjack Online Gambling - How to Play

Novomatic doesn't supplement this online card game interface with large number of buttons. All the player needs is chips of different denominations listed with point arrows, Deal button placed leftwards from chips and 3 windows displaying credit, bet and win amount located in left bottom corner. Above the playing field there buttons which refer to sound and screen options regulations. Help section contains game description and how to play sections which clarify all game's aspects in its very best. So, as it becomes evident that at Quasar Gaming online casino Blackjack real money rounds are played with ease and all you need - is Luck and positive mood while playing.