Play Baccarat Online for Real Money

Various online and land based casinos offer different types of widely popular real money Baccarat card game. Some their elements are unlike but general game's aim and scoring system are similar. Rules are not complicated and after a while every player gets familiar with them and returns to this game for interesting leisure and big wins. Baccarat's aim to get card set with general scores of 9 or nearly 9 points, no matter if you play it in land based or online casino such as Quasar Gaming.

Maximum hand value is 9, minimum is 0. If two initial cards total 8 or 9 scores they are called Natural. The lowest score amount - zero - is called Baccarat. If the cards hand brings 6, 7 or Natural combinations there is no need in additional card`s drawing. But if hand's value is less than 6 it's not good time for standing - draw one more card and see how the game's progress changes.You can also learn more about rules of another Novomatic games on our websites corresponding page.

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Bets and Rules Overview

Three types of bets are available in Baccarat online and they refer to three zones marked on the playing table.

  1. Betting the player zone you express your confidence about player card hand's win. In case of his factual win dealer takes all stakes made on both Banker and Tie zones - another two betting types and pays the player's win in 1:1 ratio.
  2. Placing chips on Banker zone one bets the Banker's win. If it occurs the win is paid to the Banker in ratio 1:1 but in this case casino 4-5% in its favor.
  3. Successful Tie section bet brings high payouts but in spite this fact it rarely occurs to be winning and is not usually recommended.

In online Baccarat for real money bets are made by placing chips of chosen value on one or several selected bet zones. The lowest bet is 1, the highest bet is 1000. All current credit, win and bet data is displayed in corresponding windows in left bottom corner. Sound and screen settings are regulated with symbols placed in right top corner. Help section is situated there as well.